a singly linked list... what did you expect? ;)



OSSwin project - categorized links to open source software for windows



Backports for Debian - backports from testing/unstable to stable



Linux Sound Systems and APIs - overview of linux sound architectures
OpenSoundControl - a protocol for soundrelated communication between computers and multimedia devices
Music DSP Source Code Archive - collection of audio related source code although mainly focused on dsp

general development

Dr. Dobb's Journal - articles

c/c++ specific

The C++ Source on artima - articles
Herb Sutter - concurrency impersonated
Andrei Alexandrescu - loki, ...
comeau c++ template faq


A List Apart - high quality articles about web design
W3C - nice css-examples, especially on lists


TechBooksOnline - partly outdated, but tons of links to free e-books
O'Reilly Open Books Project - some open license o'reilly books
Computer Science Directory

misc - home of the admin of this server
spreemusik blog - a friends studio blog (main site).
how it works: the computer - a stunning scanned book in two editions - 1971 and 1979
Brainfuck & Ook - my favourite languages ;)
Wife 1.0 - due to the obvious lack of information in the official documentation a user decided to share the experiences he had so far
Deutscher Go-Bund - the german go association
The first Smiley Story Archive - some classics like I have no Mouth, and i must Scream