"When was the last time you spent a pleasant evening in a comfortable chair, reading a good program"
  Jon Bentley, 1986

some wtfs i stumpled upon - code snippets are most likely c++


By default, the keys and values are compared using operator=(), [...]
i guess someone at ms was thinking in visual basic while writing this.
 source: msdn on CSimpleMapEqualHelper

If you require information, do not free memory containing the information.
oh, really?
 source: msdn on HeapFree()

msdn on a parameter for a method:
Must be zero, or equal to MAPI_UNICODE. In either case, however, this parameter is ignored.
 source: msdn on IMAPIProp::GetProps()

code snippets

ATL_NOINLINE inline HRESULT AtlHresultFromLastError() throw()
actually it makes sense - but it certainly demands a second look.
 found in VC 8 in atlmfc\include\atlcomcli.h